Agriculture & Horticulture

Melbourne Soil Testing do nutrient testing of soils for cropping, turf, vineyards, orchards, organic free certification. This includes recommendations for N:K:P fertilizers, and the addition of Lime or sulphur to make Ph changes to the soil .

It is vital to measure the nutrient value of the land in order to make agricultural and horticultural decisions. Soil testing for this purpose helps to find out the nutrient sufficiency and pH level of the soil. A collection of soil sample are taken for tests. The results makes it easier for us to manage the nutrient level accustomed to plants for the suitable growing conditions.

Agricultural Testing

Soil Testing for agricultural purpose gives us a clear idea about the quality of the soil so that We can improve the quality and quantity of the harvest through certain tests and adding elements to the soil. It is easier to maintain the nutrition level and get the best quality crops through frequent soil testing.

Horticultural Testing

We do soil testing for gardening to give you the best results you need for small houses, commercial estate or bigger parks.

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