Contaminated Site Assessment

Melbourne Soil Testing undertakes a four phase program for contaminated site assessment :

1. A desktop study,
2. Field inventory gathering study,
3. Sampling program,
4. Verification program and
5. Re sampling where required

Final recommendations are made following the phased program. Especially, this kind of service is mainly used for sites that have been contaminated by former waste disposal, industrial uses and activities such as petrol stations, storage facilities, gold mining and processing.
Additionally, soil sampling is undertaken for proposed childcare centers in accordance with EPA requirements
For contaminated site assessment, a site history and feature survey is conducted, followed by a site assessment and sampling program in accordance with :

EPA Publication IWRG702 (2009) “Industrial Waste Resource Guidelines –Soil Sampling”,

EPA Publication IWRG 621 (2009) “Industrial Waste Resource Guidelines –Soil Hazard Categorization and Management”

Beneficial uses of the site are determined based on EPA 1970 guidelines.
The general purpose of the study is to identify and test for any potential contaminants or odors which may be detrimental to human health.

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