Soil Testing (AS 2870.1 -2011.)

Melbourne Soil Testing has excellent track record for providing accurate data regarding soil testing. The purpose of soil testing as per Australian Standard is to determine strength of the soil for engineering of houses and buildings.

Soil testing is the first step taken in construction planning in order to determine the suitability of the soil and assess whether it can withheld your construction project. Furthermore, it also helps to identify different types of soil on the site and determine the strength, density, compaction, contamination and other aspects. As a result of lack of understanding the value or importance of soil testing, there could be possible damage to the building or structure.

In accordance with Australian Standard, (AS 2870.1 -2011.)

At Melbourne Soil Testing, we conduct:

1. Site classification,
2. Recommend footing depths,
3. Provide Ys values,
4. Recommend allowable bearing pressures ,
5. Shear strength determination and
6. Compressive strength testing.

Melbourne Soil also provides parameters for engineer design:

1. Foundation recommendations
2. Basement design
3. Retaining wall design.
4. Single dwelling house,
5. Decks,
6. Fences,
7. Re-locatable dwellings
8. Town house and
9. Light commercial and institutional buildings.

Melbourne Soil Testing conducts density testing on controlled FILL providing CBR values for pavement design, including sub-grade recommendations.
Density/Compaction testing and a soft spot diameter is provided for controlled FILL where required.

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